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This section of the hub is aimed at parents, co-parents and intended parents who are planning a pregnancy, preparing for a baby, or adapting to life with a newborn and are seeking support and advice around emotional wellbeing and new, emerging or existing mental health illnesses. These resources are being developed following feedback from social listening exercises and focus group activities with parents, health professionals and employers that identified a need for balanced information about emotional wellbeing and mental health during preparation for parenthood, pregnancy and after birth.

The PATH partners have combined their existing diverse experience, knowledge and niche expertise in the co-development of this hub that prioritises evidence-based practice, technological and social innovation.

The section will provide parents with practical tips around caring for their newborn and supporting the relationship with their baby, as well as support for their own mental health and the wellbeing of partners and co-parents who may also be experiencing mental health problems. It will give practical information to those who are thinking of starting a family and give check-lists of things to think about when planning a family, birth and after care.
Check back in December 2021 when the full content of this page will be launching.

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