Recommendation 1: Wellbeing Policies

Recommendation 1

Organisations should have company wellbeing policies that specifically address the mental health needs of new /expectant parents in the workplace

These should include:

  • A mental health strategy

  • A family-friendly strategy

Consideration of wellbeing / mental health should be included in all HR policies.

There may be a separate or overarching company policy that seeks to support employees with diverse and changing needs through every stage of their lives.

All policies should be visible on company websites, induction packs, office literature and relevant sections of employment contracts (parental leave and flexible working arrangements).

Designated, and appropriately trained, wellbeing champions at all levels of the organisation (including at board level), should ensure that company well-being policies are developed, regularly reviewed and are visible, known and applied throughout the organisation, especially when there is pressure from other priorities.

Single Employer
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