Recommendation 4: Wellbeing Opportunities

Recommendation 4

Organisations should provide opportunities for employees to monitor and improve their wellbeing at work

These opportunities will depend on the nature of the business and the size of the organisation, but initiatives might include:

  • Weekly wellbeing tips (posted on intranets, workplace noticeboards or sent to all employees via email)

  • On-site relaxation or exercise sessions

  • Lunch-time walking groups or ‘lunch and learn’ sessions

  • On-the-hour flash walks

  • ‘Deskercise’

  • Fitbit challenges

  • Access to online resources such as monitoring, health coaching or counselling apps

Additional initiatives to demonstrate organisational commitment to workplace wellbeing might include ‘walk and talk’ weekly catch-ups; ‘Well-being Wednesdays’(all employees encouraged to take an extra hour away from work to do something that enhances their well-being every Wednesday), ‘Fitness Fridays’ (employees encouraged to do something active on Fridays) or an extra day off awarded to all employees in mental health awareness week.

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