Stigma – telling someone can help

Why I shouldn’t tell someone how I feel?

These are some of the feelings and thoughts you may have when you experience perinatal mental illness and you’re worried about getting help.

  • Judged by friends family and employer

  • Guilt -it’s my fault I feel like this

  • Shame – I should be able to cope with this

  • Ungrateful – I should be happy after having a baby

  • People won’t believe me and think I’m just being lazy or wanting attention

  • I will be made to take medication that I will become addicted to or may harm the baby if I’m breastfeeding

  • I will be locked up in a mental health facility

  • I will be labelled as a bad parent

  • They will think I’m not fit to be a parent and will take my baby away

Why I should tell someone how I feel

  • I will learn that I’m not at fault

  • Supported by family, friends and employer

  • Receive the support I need

  • My road to recovery will start straight away

  • Professionals want the best for me and my family and want me to succeed in being a parent

  • The treatment I have is my choice and guided by professionals who have the knowledge and understanding

  • Being unwell doesn’t mean I will need a mental health facility, but if I do it will be a specialist unit to provide me and my family the support we need

  • I am not ungrateful, lazy or seeking attention, I’m unwell

  • I will learn that I’m not alone and that being a parent is hard, it’s ok to ask for help

If you feel worried about getting help, remember there are lots of positive reasons why telling someone how you feel can help if you are experiencing perinatal mental illness.

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