Coping with the loss of a baby

Coping with the loss of a baby during pregnancy, at birth or shortly afterwards can be traumatic. If you have experienced loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or by a termination for medical reasons then the information here will share some of the best organisations that offer information, help and support for you and your family.

Parents may all experience grief and trauma in different ways and find different ways of trying to manage and cope with this. Some strategies may be more helpful than others and parents may grieve in contrasting ways which can be hard to cope with.

Your, midwife, GP and health visitor are there to support you – sometimes it is maybe months or even years later that you feel need more support.

Please do ask for help – there is no set time frame for grief, it happens in stages and you “don’t just get over it” or “should have dealt with it by now” it is ok not to be ok this is normal. You can ask for help whenever you need it as that is the right time for you no matter how long ago the loss happened.

After any major shock or trauma, the mind and body take time to heal, recover, restore a sense of equilibrium again and pick up the pieces of our life.

This process can take a long time – months and years.

Bereavement leaves you feeling bereft and as time progresses you learn to live with the pain which, over time which may become a dull ache but can still take you unawares and back to the full-blown grief you first felt. Small things can trigger this and there is always a place in your heart for the baby you lost. How we choose to grieve and remember our lost baby is very personal and is up to you.

The organisations below offer a wealth of information, help, support, and shared lived experiences from other families who have been through the heart-breaking journey you are going through. .

Every aspect of pregnancy and baby loss is covered as well as the emotional side for you and your family. If you have other children, no matter how old they are they will also experience the loss you are dealing with.

How we talk to babies, toddlers, small children, and teenagers about loss and support them is vital. There is a list of excellent websites below that specifically provide help and information for babies and children of all ages

Helpful organisations and further support from mums and dads.

SANDS Stillbirth and neonatal death charity offers resources, information, help and support for the whole family affected by grief

Dads Stories Kieran Anders from Dads Matter UK shares his story of losing their daughter Emma

A dad shares his story of grief and miscarriage

Don’t bottle it up – a message from one dad of a stillborn baby to another

Miscarriage Association offers support, information, help in dealing with feelings for both mums, dads, co-parents and others.

The Good Grief Trust a charity run by the bereaved for the bereaved

Tommy’s Baby loss information and support

The Twins Trust Bereavement Support Group exists to support all parents and carers of multiples who have experienced loss whether it was during pregnancy, at birth or at any point afterwards.

NHS – When pregnancy goes wrong

NHS – Miscarriage

NHS – Stillbirth

Support for children when a baby dies

Bodie Hodges Foundation free grief resources to help children grieve for their brother or sister and to understand how they are feeling. They support families to remember and grieve together

Grief Encounter Free support for bereaved children and their families

Tommy’s support for brothers and sisters when a baby

The Lullaby Trust support for bereaved siblings when a baby dies

The Child Bereavement UK website has further detailed information and support around talking to children. Helpline 0800 02 888 40.

Winston’s Wish, a charity which therapeutic support to offers bereaved children and young people by phone, email and face to face plus online resources Helpline 08088 020 021


Resources to support your mental health and emotional wellbeing

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