Looking after yourself – dads, co-parents and partners

Dad holding and comforting newborn baby on his shoulder

Dads and co-parents need to look after themselves and their feelings as well as mums.

Becoming a new parent can be a challenging time. It can affect the way you feel; sometimes you may feel pure joy and happiness and sometimes you may feel sad, angry, frustrated, or nervous.

Dads get sad too

Watch this video about new dads and mental health

Kieran Anders, Operations Manager at Dad Matters shares his top tips to help you understand what your baby’s behaviour means and how you can look after yourself and those around you.

Postnatal anxiety and depression affect up to 10% of dads and this is likely to be an underestimate as so few dads seek help. It is important you can tell someone how you are feeling, either your partner, other family member or friend.  

Dads and co-parents struggle with many of the same feelings that mums do such as:

  • Feeling low, unhappy or stressed  

  • Loss of interest and pleasure in the things you would usually enjoy 

  • Weight gain or loss, feeling constantly tired and having little energy  

  • Feeling irritable and restless  

  • Having negative thoughts 

  • Withdrawing from your family and friends and social activities 

  • Increasing your use of alcohol or other substances  

If you struggle with your feelings for more than a couple of weeks help is available. Speak to your GP, midwife, or health visitor. 

You may like to link up with other dads for support or seek help and advice online.

Online help and guidance for dads:


Resources for dads, partners and co-parents

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