Recommendation 10: Support for Parents

Recommendation 10

Procedures should be in place to ensure that employees who take parental or sick leave are supported before, during, and on their return, from leave

Pregnant woman sitting with blanket on her lap

A plan should be devised at the onset of parental, carers or sick leave specifying how work tasks will be transferred, how the manager will maintain contact during the leave, how long the leave will last (if known), what support the organisation can provide during the leave taken and plans for return to work (Keep in Touch sessions, phased return).

Prior to return, managers may use a ‘Back to work’ checklist and design a ‘welcome back’ pack for the returning individual.

All employees, but particularly those who are parents/carers and /or experiencing mental ill-health, need to be assured that they can adapt working conditions and patterns to their unique and changing needs and circumstances without harassment discrimination or feelings of guilt.

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