Good Practice


NICE Guidelines advise improving communication between employer and employee during pregnancy and maternity/paternity leave.

Best practice includes KIT days and having a named member of staff (line manager or colleague) that has regular contact during the perinatal period with open discussions about mental health as well as physical health.


Feedback from consultation groups held with public sector staff was around not having a clear plan as to what happens throughout pregnancy at work and maternity leave.

Issues such as maternity pay and keeping in touch days and questions from line managers however supportive tended to be around physical health and did not factor emotional wellbeing.

The first-line choice for the treatment of mild to moderate perinatal anxiety is cognitive behavioural therapy. In moderate to severe A maternity calendar or working contract between employer and employee can empower both, produce a clear plan and set expectations. Good planning leads to an improved transition from maternity leave when returning to work.

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