COVID-19 Guidance for Employers

Pregnant women fall into the vulnerable group during the pandemic and although most will experience mild symptoms there are some risks posed to pregnant women from the virus.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

You should carry out a risk assessment of pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, ensuring that you do not discriminate against them. This risk assessment should take into consideration:

  • The employee’s job

  • Any underlying health conditions

  • Implementation of other COVID-19 control measures within the organisation

  • Whether the employee is at greater risk by coming to work than they would be outside the workplace

For more information about carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment, please visit the HSE website

If you cannot put the necessary measures in place to minimise the risk, such as adjustments to the job or working from home, you should suspend the pregnant worker on paid leave in line with normal requirements under regulation 16(3) of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Find out more: Protect vulnerable workers – Working safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (

Wellbeing during COVID-19

Emotional wellbeing during pregnancy may be impacted by the pandemic: family and friends may not be able to offer support in the same way, they may be on furlough and worried about their employment. Working from home can also have its challenges for pregnant women, reduced social contact and environmental factors such as a space to work.

We have produced some resources that can be accessed online to support parents with their mental wellbeing and employers with advice and guidance.

Top tips for supporting pregnant workers who are working from home:

  • Keep in contact – even a quick phone call or “how are you doing” could make all the difference

  • You could organise virtual catch up events, virtual lunch gatherings or out of hours Zoom quizzes

  • Consider further reasonable adjustments that might help

  • Don’t forget to look after your own wellbeing

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