Supporting fathers

Here are a number of resources available for healthcare professionals to use when supporting fathers, including resources for professionals to use to raise awareness and reflect on how father inclusive their practice is.

Maggie Fisher, Professional Development Officer at iHV talks about why fathers’ mental health is important, the impact that a father’s poor mental health can have on the family, and why early identification and support can make a difference.

Try taking our practitioner quiz and then reflect how father-inclusive you are in everyday practice.

Kieran Anders, Operations Manager at Dad Matters explains the Greater Manchester Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Integrated Pathway as an example of best practice for reaching and engaging dads.

Kieran Anders, Operations Manager at Dad Matters, introduces their innovative service that reaches and supports dads and their families.

Kieran Anders, Operations Manager at Dad Matters shares insight into how dads engage with social media and how services can best use social media to raise awareness and offer support to dads.

Kieran Anders, Operations Manager at Dad Matters offers tips to healthcare professionals about how best to reach out and engage with dads.

Here are some links to useful videos that can be viewed when using the resources above:

How are you dad? – Dad Matters UK Film – film can be used for some private reflection in the reflective journal

Father’s supporting their partners with perinatal mental illness – Mike’s story – a film about one dad’s experience of trying to cope with his partner’s perinatal mental illness and how he felt.

New dad’s and mental health

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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

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