Training for non-clinical community support workers

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Title of Training:
New Parent Mental Health Awareness Training for Community Support Workers

Who is this course aimed towards: Non-clinical community support workers who can provide support to new/expectant parents (e.g. doulas and people who facilitate local community groups such as breastfeeding buddies, mother & baby groups etc. and intergenerational community support groups).

Aims and Objectives

  • To gain knowledge of what PMI (Perinatal Mental Illness) is and what it can look like.

  • To understand the stigma around PMI and how to reduce stigma.

  • To gain effective communication skills in how to approach and support someone with PMI

  • To gain knowledge of where to signpost to for help

  • To gain awareness of PMI in Dads and Partners.

Length of session: 1.5 hours

Are you an expectant parent or did you become a parent in the last year? Please consider taking part in our research study to help us better understand the value of these resources.

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