Parent Wellbeing Passport

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What is a parent wellbeing passport?

It’s important to recognise that when you become a parent, from pregnancy through to your children becoming adults, you face different challenges that you may need support with whilst in work. A wellbeing passport will help you to share with your employer what support you might need, and for you to only share the information you need to, and in a confidential way.
How to use this passport

You can complete this passport with as much information as you feel comfortable, about you as a parent, you child/children, and the challenges you face. You can then share this passport with your manager or HR department, as well as anyone else who may be supporting you, so that they have the information they need to put the right support in place and at the right time.
We advise you to update this passport at least annually, as things change constantly with the demands of looking after children.

Intended audience:

  • This document is intended to be owned by the mother, father or employee completing it. You can share it with whoever you would feel useful. This includes your line manager, HR and colleagues

Resource created by Southampton City Council Employment Support Team
Last reviewed 04/06/2021

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