Employee Wellbeing Plan

Guidance for this resource

As an employer, you can use this resource to support your employee to identify their wellness tools, networks of support and trigger points, as well as agreeing an action plan to ensure they are supported.

This tool can be used before or after an employee goes on maternity or paternity leave and can be used in conjunction with other resources on the PATH website.

Intended audience:

  • Employees

  • Managers

This resource should be completed by the employee, but you should be involved to support and empower them

  • Do not try to influence what they write in their plan

  • Ask questions and use active listening to encourage your employee. See our guide for more information on how to do this effectively

  • Agree on an action plan based on this plan to ensure the employee is fully supported, to promote positive relationships and to encourage resilience

  • Regularly review the plan and make sure you are approachable. This isn’t set in stone, and things could change suddenly

  • Encourage your employee to seek extra support if they need it. It’s important to look after your own wellbeing too, and not to take on their problems as your own

Resource created by Southampton City Council Employment Support Team
Last reviewed 23/10/2020

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